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In the past, telecom, broadcasting and information technologies were developing in their respective areas.  The advent of radio-based telephony, use of satellite for telecom and broadcasting, introduction of digital platform with software support and the growth of Internet, has resulted in convergence of technologies and the three systems are coming closer to one another.  The telecom service providers will merge with the cable TV service providers and the Internet service providers will carry voice, video and data through optical fibre/WLL to homes and offices.  The future homes will be served by a common cable to provide Internet, telephone and video/TV.

Communication in the twenty first century will centre primarily around the Internet, Copper wire system will co-exist with Fiber and wireless systems.  Communications will be increasingly through satellite phones, wireless local loops with extensive use of global positioning satellites.  Internet telephone will establish its supremacy over traditional telephones and it will emerge as a powerful medium of E-commerce, advertising and teleshopping.

The convergence of these technologies will have a potential impact on the society.

With this scenario there was  need for an article based magazine which can cover all the three areas of telecom, broadcasting, information technology/Internet and highlight the Global scenario, National policies, technology trends, emerging product line, research and innovation in a single package.  Presently, there is no single magazine serving these subjects in a focused manner.  BITCOM INDIA was launched to fulfill this requirement.

Our Mission is to provide the best information to our customers

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