Enhancement of Next Generation ICT Vision


Inclusive Connectivity




The National Next Generation Network Forum as the name suggests is a non-profit professional Society , proposed to be established under the Society registration Act 1860 for the advancement of National connectivity by application of advanced  Information and Communication Technologies enabling the Next Generation Networks (NGN) We aim to promote an effective NGN Ecosystem in the National arena for a connected society and thus making ICT as an effective tool for National Integration and Bharat Nirman.


The Forum aims to promote individual and organizational excellence though its seminars, meetings and professional get- togathers. It aims to work for providing specialized knowledge and expertise to members for development of skills, knowledge and competence and will work towards enhancement of professional efficiency and capability. 


Next Generation Networks, as the name suggests, are the networks of future based on emerging technology of IP. Rapid technological developments taking place in transmission networks, access networks, switching and customer premises equipment are leading to convergence of networks and providing efficiency and flexibility and making telecom access affordable and introduction of advanced value added services.   There is a talk about EOIP which means everything over IP i.e. one can provide any service through NGN platform based on IP.


Presently various telecom services are provided through separate networks. Technological advancements in telecommunications are forcing a trend towards unification of networks & services setting up the stage for the emergence of Next Generation Networks (NGN). In the next generation networks, multiple access networks can connect customers to a unified core network, which is predominantly based on IP technology. NGN promises to provide number of significant benefits and opportunities both for the service providers and the end-users by providing new innovative services and applications through a common platform. With the efficient and cheaper IP technology forcing telecommunications networks to migrate to ‘Next Generation Networks’, triple play (voice, data and video) would become a basic service.


  • To work for the awareness building and capacity creation in NGN domain
  • To work for providing its members facility to acquire knowledge in the emerging Information and Communication Technologies
  • To work for the dissemination and education for the members regarding NGN Ecosystem though group discussions, seminars and apex forums and conferences 
  • As the deployment of NGN would face a number of challenges, help it’s members overcome the same by providing latest development in the these areas through comprehensive publications highlighting the best International practice from  world over . 
  • The Forum will provide recognition to individual and organizations which are associated with the Forum and are engaged in advancement of NGNs.
  • Playing a Catalyst role in Deployment of NGN for improving Inclusive connectivity and bridging the digital divide



Unless and until the Rules and Regulations of the Forum shall otherwise provide there shall be the following classes of members

(a) Hony. Fellows

(b) Individual members who will be named as Fellows

(c) Institutional members- each Institutional member will be entitled to nominate up to one representative who is otherwise a fellow of the institution or otherwise satisfies the criteria for election as a Fellow of the Forum.


It was proposed that a representative of the Institutional Members would occupy one position in the Governing Council.

GOVERNING COUNCIL: The governing council is the Apex body in the forum to steer the functioning of the forum and is the policy making body. The following group of likeminded experts comprises the founding governing council


Shri P N Chopra, Delhi



Shri Satya  N Gupta, Delhi



Dr R K Mehrotra, Noida



Dr M V Pitke, Mumbai



Shri K Narayanan, Bangalore



Shri Satya Prakash, Hyderabad



Shri S C Rudhra, Kolkata



Shri R R N Prasad,  Gurgaon



Kindly Contact:

National NGN FORUM

C-362, Sheikh Sarai Phase-I

New Delhi 110017

E-mail  Tel:26012018



The Forum is under active process of being registered as a society (Form) when it will be open to offer membership to those Telecom experts desirous of joining in its activities